Debt Lawyer Settlement - In Debt Settlement - Your Lawyer Is Not Your Friend

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Getting into debt is inevitable in many cases. Many people knowingly get into debt when they acquire assets, such as a new house or a new car, or whenever they use their credit cards. In many instances, such purchases and acquisitions are manageable and some people do not encounter problems in coping with what they owe.

But while some people breeze through the settlement of their obligations, there are many, many others out there who find coping with their monthly payments overwhelming and exhaustive. For these folk, it is not always a matter of being irresponsible with their monthly payments. Busybodies who do not know any better are always quick to pin the tag "irresponsible" on people with outstanding liabilities. Sometimes, it is just a matter of having a stroke of bad luck in finances that led to the debtor's inability to pay up regularly.

Being in debt and unable to pay is not only embarrassing but frightening. Collection agents would take to hounding the debtor's mail and telephone. Some unscrupulous ones would even call at the office or the debtor's family. Not only is this an inconvenience for the debtor, but it also puts him or her in a state of humiliation and low self-esteem. Some employers take an employee's debt as a sign of lack in management skills, thereby keeping promotions out of their way. The debtor's job security, the only means he or she could get out of debt, is put in jeopardy.

Thankfully, a debtor has a way to get him- or herself out of financial jam, and that is by going through debt settlement. Simply put, debt settlement means that the debtor or the debtor's representative, usually a lawyer or a third-party debt settlement agency, will go into negotiations with the creditors. Through debt settlement, it is possible for the debtor to pay only a percentage of his or her debt.

While people can certainly handle their debt settlement negotiations directly with their creditors, a debtor will be better off going to a debt settlement agency to handle their debt settlement proceedings. Such matters can get personal and debtors should try to spare themselves the pain. But whatever they do, debtors should go to a debt settlement agency rather than go to a lawyer.

Now why is this so? Lawyers, even those specializing in debt settlement, barely take any interest in their clients. A lawyer's normal procedure is to ask the clients to fill up a form; the lawyer then makes his or her assessment often using only that form. The assessment itself on whether the potential client should go into debt settlement or not can take weeks or even months as the lawyer determines what should be done. Not only would the debtor be wasting money paying the lawyer consultation fees that absolutely had no bearing on his or her case, but going to a lawyer would be a total waste of time.

Rather than go to a lawyer, the debtor should go directly to a debt settlement agency. A debt settlement agency that is truly worth its salt will be able to competently guide the debtor through the process of eliminating debt.

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